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Looking for the traditional Viennese coffee house, the Jelinek is keeping some of the athmosphere without declining to a museum. Here the spirit is alive: Good coffee, Newspapers, discussion and you stay for ever. A must-see. The Jelinek is just one of my favourites. It is literally the quietest place I’ve ever been to. Very relaxing, beautiful old interior, cosy and charming. And  the waiters are very friendly which is quite untypical for Vienna.


  1. That is a beautiful coffee house. I could just do with a vienna coffee and a piece of Sacher Torte. Servus!

  2. Isn’t it. Thanks for your comment.
    Btw, there are no kangaroos in Austria! I do not say to you, Bill, you know it, but there are enough people confused about that. 😀
    I would love to invite you to a coffee and Sacher Torte, if you are in vienna once.

  3. It looks like a cozy, cool place for a “cafe’ Vienna” and yummy pastry treat with a friend!

  4. No kangaroos in Austria!?!


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